Providing compassionate veterinary care in the heart of knightdale


Dr. Justin Church is the Medical Director at Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital at 1140 N. Smithfield Road in Knightdale, NC.

Dr. Church understands the bond that people share with their pets; he has two dogs, Carly and Wally. Pets are family members and ensuring their health and well-being are vital to maintain that special relationship. 

Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital aims to provide Knightdale and surrounding communities with compassionate and family-oriented veterinary care. When you visit Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital, you will receive service that is convenient and affordable without sacrificing quality. 

Dr. Church  grew up in Peoria Heights, IL, where he worked at his family's seed and hardware store. Patrons continually returned to the store because they appreciated the knowledgeable and friendly customer care they received at each visit and Dr. Church brings these values to Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Church received his BS degree in Biological Sciences from Iowa State University in 2003 and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Illinois-Champaign in 2007. Following completion of his degrees, Dr. Church relocated to the Raleigh, NC area where he has served as a small animal veterinarian ever since.

Dr. Church has two wonderful children from a previous marriage, Parker and Eleanor.

The Church Family looks forward to meeting you and your pets. Please visit Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital and let us take care of all of your pet's medical needs.

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