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Our Core Veterinary Services

From routine wellness exams to vaccinations, dental care to cold laser therapy, Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital, PLLC is equipped with all the veterinary services your pet needs to stay healthy.  

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Vaccinations keep your pet protected from many common diseases, conditions, and disorders.

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Routine Exams

Keep your pet's health a priority with routine checkups, disease prevention, and early treatment. 

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Internal Medicine

Getting clear and accurate diagnoses for your pet's internal conditions has never been easier.

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We offer a network of emergency clinics to help your pet get the urgent care they need.

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Dental Care

Oral health concerns are common in pets, we make it easy to keep their mouth healthy and teeth strong.

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Cold Laser Therapy

We offer a non-invasive approach to healing and pain management that your pet will love.

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In-House Lab

We use diagnostic testing to identify medical conditions in pets and tailor treatment plans to their needs.

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  • Cold Laser Therapy

    We are proud to offer a non-invasive cold laser therapy option for managing painful conditions interfering with the wellbeing of Knightdale cats and dogs.  Request Appointment What is Cold Laser Therapy? Cold laser therapy uses a low-intensity laser or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to help relieve pain, and boost healing. ...
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  • Pet Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

    There are many serious diseases and disorders affecting Knightdale cats and dogs. Our vets can help protect your pet from common conditions through diligent vaccinations. Schedule your pet's vaccination today. Request Appointment Protection & Prevention At Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital, PLLC, we are committed to stopping common disease...
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  • Cat & Dog Checkups

    Regular wellness exams from our Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital, PLLC vets are centered around preventive care for your cat or dog. These exams consist of a physical checkup to ensure your pet is in proper health. Request Appointment Cat & Dog Routine Care in Knightdale, NC Wellness exams are vitally important for maintaining your pet's gr...
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  • Veterinary Internal Medicine in Knightdale

    Our Knightdale vets are well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of internal medical conditions in cats and dogs, from urinary issues to heart conditions. Request Appointment Diagnosis & Treatment of Internal Conditions in Pets Veterinary internal medicine involves treating diseases and disorders of animal...
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  • Emergency Veterinary Partners

    Due to overwhelming demand for our standard veterinary services, Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital, PLLC is unable to provide emergency care at this time. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency or requires urgent care please contact one of the emergency animal hospitals below. Emergency Veterinary Clinics in Knightdale If your dog or cat is experi...
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  • Veterinary Dentistry & Dental Surgery

    Our Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital, PLLC vets are proud to offer  veterinary dentistry, including preventive and restorative dental care and surgery for dogs and cats in Knightdale. Request Appointment Dental Care for Cats & Dogs Consistent dental care is an integral part of keeping your pet healthy, but many cats and dogs don't rece...
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New Patients Are Welcome

Smithfield Road Veterinary Hospital, PLLC is currently accepting new patients! Our experienced and kind vets are passionate about the health of Knightdale pets. Contact us today to book your furry friend's first appointment.

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