Providing compassionate veterinary care in the heart of knightdale
Heartworm (Immiticide) Treatment

We offer affordable heartworm treatment to heartworm positive dogs.  Please call to schedule your dog's injections.

Available 24/7

Dr. Church values his clients and their pets.  You will always be able to discuss your pet's health with Dr. Church in clinic or through the telephone day and night.

Breeding Assistance

We analyze vaginal smears to evaluate your dog's cycle, artificial insemination, and consultation.

Allergy Treatment

If your pet is itching, has red skin or scabs, shaking their head, or loosing hair please walk in for an examination and treatment.


Schedule an appointment to have your pet's hips or elbows radiographed for OFA certification.

Adequan injections

An injection to promote joint health and a better quality of life for all dogs suffering from


Pet Food and supplies

We carry both Purina and Hill's prescription pet food products!

Homeagain Microchips

Give yourself and your pet the peace of mind of having a microchip.  Dogs and cats brought to a shelter are routinely scanned for microchips.

Drop off Services

In a hurry or work throughout the week?  Feel free to drop off your pet in the morning and pick up in the evening for veterinary services.


We provide a wide array of soft tissue surgeries. If your pet needs a spay, neuter, mass removal, c-section, stitches, or other surgical procedure please contact us.

Pain Management

Animals experiencing pain need customized treatment to feel better.  Visit our hospital for medicine that helps alleviate your pet's pain.


We fill all of our prescriptions in house. That means less waiting and lower prices for you.


We are here for you in your time of need. Please contact us if you need an end of life consultation for your pet.  We provide a calm, private environment for your family.

Dental Care

Dental disease is one of the most common  physical examination findings among pets. Get your pet's teeth cleaned before their gums recede to prevent tooth loss.

digital Radiology

Our clinic is equipped with state of the art digital radiograph machinery. Board certified radiology specialists are only a click away.

baths, nail trims, anal gland expression

Please call to schedule baths.  You can walk into our clinic during doctor's hours for a nail trim or anal gland expression.

Annual Vaccinations and Wellness Care

Don't wait for a serious medical condition to appear.  Pets age much faster than us, so it is important to have them examined yearly. 

​Receive the Best Veterinary Treatment Available